Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brief Overview of the Elements of the Culdee Liturgy

The Liturgy of our Fellowship is beautiful, mystical and contemplative. Some of the themes you will find are...

1.) An awareness of the closeness between God, nature, humanity and the four elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

2.) A deep respect for the "old wisdom", storytelling of scriptures that reveal human intimacy with God and the saints.

3.) An emphasis on the Trinity of God and Humanity

4.) The importance of kinship and community education (the Irish monks were the educators of Europe), Mission (the white martyrdom), prayers for protection and encircling, and a manifest love of the Mother aspect of God

5.) Encouraging hospitality, peace and justice

Distinctives of the Culdee Faith

-love of nature and a passion for the wild and elemental as a reminder of God's gift.

-love and respect for art, song and poetry.

-love and respect for the great stories and "higher learning".

-sense of God and the saints as a continuing, personal, helpful presence.

-theologically orthodox, yet with heavy emphasis on mysticism

-religious practice characterized by a love for selfless acts, vigils, spiritual adventure, pilgrimages, and resorting to holy wells, mountains, caves, ancient monastic sites, and other sacred locations.

-no boundaries between the sacred and the secular

-unique Church structure: -there were originally no towns, just nomadic settlements, hence the church was more monastic rather than diocesan, resulting in quite independent rules and a unique liturgy.

-influenced much by the Druids.

-we celebrate Easter and Lent according to the ancient calendar system.

-women had more equal footing in ancient Irish law, thus have more equal say in church government.

-developed the idea of having a "soul friend" (anmchara) to help in spiritual direction.

-invented personal confession.

-monks traveled as "Peregrinari Pro Christ" (White Martyrdom).

-many Druid practices were adopted such as resorting to holy wells, and many monasteries were built on former Druid sacred sites (as evident in the names Derry, and Durrow).

Our Sevenfold Commitment

We are commited to the study of the Sacred Scriptures in their mystical Culdee purport.

Furthermore, we commit ourselves to...

Providing spiritual guidance under the leadership of those within the legitimate and historical line of Apostleship coming from Jesus Himself.

Establish for members and society communities of peace, tranquility, and serenity dedicated to the active pursuit of experiential spirituality, not just words.

Teaching and encouraging prayer, meditation, contemplation and praise of the Eternal One!

Leading others to a very real, vibrant relationship with our Master and Savior, helping them achieve the realization that He is a Living Presence in their daily lives.

Sharing the Wisdom of the Divine as revealed in the person of Jesus, and exemplified in the lives of the Celtic Saints.

Systematically share the Message and Spirituality of the ancient Culdee Faith with society, as well as educate seekers in Devotional Living in order to bring them to an experience of salvation, to restore personal peace and achieve a sense of unity with the Divine.